King of the Mountain 2021 Driver Registration Form

Invitational-Only Event

This registration is only open to drivers on the official King of the Mountain invitation list. To see the official list- Click here

Any sign-ups not on the list will be refunded and your registration will be voided.

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Extra Event Shirts

Extra event apparel will be available to purchase soon. Look for an email in your inbox for more information.

3rd Annual

King of the Mountain

August 26-28

125 Cars

$25,000 Payout

Payable to the top 8 spots

Invite Only

Drivers must be invited to register


2021 KOTM Official Invite List


Welcome to KOTM 3.0! On August 26-28, 2021 UMI Motorsports Park will once again host the top autocross and Pro-Touring cars and drivers in the nation. We will run 125 cars for two days on two separate courses with the goal of crowning a King of the Mountain. Who will etch their name in the record books along with Swenson and Smedegard?

Qualifying for the 32 car shootout will take place on Friday and Saturday with free admission to the hill and stands. On Saturday evening the gates open at 5pm in preparation for the big shootout. Concessions will be available on site and Bangshift Chad Reynolds will once again emcee this exciting event.

Event FAQs

Registration opens February 12, 2021. You must be on the official invite list to register for this event.

No, registration fees are non-refundable. 

We invite drivers based off national success and skill. If you feel you should be considered for the invite list please contact us.

Per Driver

Invite Only

Only drivers on the official invite list may register for this event


  • 2 Days of Autocross
  • 2 Days of Lunch
  • Event T-Shirt
  • Thursday Meal
  • Friday Entertainment
  • Saturday Shootout
  • $25,000 in Prizes

Spectator Info

Friday: This is a free to spectate day! You may park on the hill or spectate from the bleachers. Please refer to the driver’s schedule to see when the action is.

Saturday: You may spectate the pre-shoout autocross for free this day. Gates open at 5PM for the shootout. We will be selling tickets for hill parking and spectating before the event and at the gates. Hill parking may fill quickly.

Access to the pit area may be limited to driver’s guests only.


King of the Mountain Event Rules

King of the Mountain Event Rules

  • We are inviting you and your known car. If you plan to bring a different car, please let us know beforehand so we can approve.
  • This event is two days of autocross and car fun with car friends. There just happens to be a payout and an awesome shootout at the end. Remember to have fun.
  • 2021 Update: 2900 lbs vehicle weight AFTER RACE, with driver. Track scales are the only official scales – no exceptions. Cars must weigh in before the event and may be randomly weighed during qualifying. Please make sure your car, with you in it and empty of fuel, weighs at least 2900 lbs.
  • Spirit of the rules should be followed with regards to these being street cars. Please retain fenders, windshields, etc. Interiors may be sparse. Lexan permitted.
  • Working headlights required.
  • Any fuel, aero or power adders permitted.
  • If you are unsure if your car is legal, please contact us for approval.
  • 2 second default cone penalty.
  • Please do not approach the timing trailer. The timing team receives information from the track workers. Contact the pit steward with any competition questions.
  • In all cases the UMI race director’s decision is final.

Tire Rules

  • 200TW as per SCCA® National Solo® Rules 2020 Sec 13.3 or with 2021 updates.
  • Fender cutting, flaring and non-standard wheel sizes are allowed.
  • Tires are permitted to be changed at any time. Multiple sets permitted.
  • No active, powered tire warmers.
  • 2021 Update : The Kumho ECSTA V720 ACR is no longer permitted.


  • Helmets required as per SCCA 4.3.1 anytime a car is on track.
    • Snell ratings: SA2015, SAH2015, SA2010, SAH2010, SA2005, M2015, M2010, M2005
    • SFI ratings 31.1, 31.1A, 3.12, 31.2A, 31.1 2005, 41.1, 41.1A, 41.2, 41.2A, 41.2  2005, 24.1
    • FIA Ratings:  8860-2010, 8860-2015
    • ECE R22.05
    • BS6658-85 Type A/FR, BS6658-85 Type A
  • Five point harness and racing seats recommended.
  • On board fire extinguisher recommended.
  • Typical autocross safety rules should be followed such as secure lug nuts, secure battery, no loose objects in the driver’s compartment.


UMI management reserves the right to adjust classing at any time up until the start of the event

Vintage Class Split
  • 1972 & older 

  • Includes C1, C2, and C3 Corvette

  • Includes applicable trucks

  • 1973-1987 models 

  • Includes C4 Corvette

  • Includes 2nd & 3rd Generation Camaro

  • Includes Fox Body Mustang

  • Includes applicable trucks

Late Model Class Split
  • 1988 & up vehicles

  • Includes applicable trucks

  • All C5-C8 Corvette, AWD, Dodge Viper, and rear-mid engine cars


1st Place


2nd Place


3rd Place


4th Place


5th-8th Place


Rules FAQs

May I change tires during the event?


May I run a wing or splitter?


Is plexiglass allowed?


May I run nitrous?


May I run a shifter cart or formula car?

First NameLast NameCityStateYearMakeModelTransEngineInstagramTire BrandTire ModelTire SizeSponsors
CodyPuckettGainesvilleGA1970ChevroletCamaroMid Valley Dog BoxLS3codypuckettYokohamaA052315Hawk Performance, Dutton Grading, Viking Performance, Buyavette, Baer Brakes
CoryCarstensenMedfordWI1988ChevMonte CarloTremec Magnum441ci LS3SSix_spdBridgestoneRE71r275-35-18Silversport Transmissions, UMI Performance
MarkGolovinAuroraIL2001Chevy - Black BettyCamaro Z28Tremec T-56LS3 - 416markgoodlovinBFGRival S315Heidts, Turn One, Silver Sports Transmissions, Centerforce, Wilwood,
ValPichetteSurpriseAZ1992chevroletCamaroTremec T56 Magnum f418 CI LS3DragonladyGTA1988BFGRival315/30/18UMI, HAWKS 3RD GEN, CENTERFORCE, WILWOOD, FINCH PERFORMANCE, TURN 1, IMPROVED RACING, FORGELINE, AFR, FITECH
LyndaJacobsElburnIL1966ChevroletChevelleAutoLS3@jacobsmotorsportsBFGOODRICHRival s275BFGOODRICH, Wilwood, Forgeline, Macs Tie Downs, Ridetech, Summit Racing
DannyKaoNorth PotomacMD2014MazdaMX-5 MiataManual2.0LYokomahaA052265/35/18
AndrewScottLouisvilleKY1994FordProbe5spd manualMazda 2.5L KLDE V6 TurboinkyracingFalkenRT-660255/35R17Boost Crew Motorsports,,
ChrisJacobsElburnIL1972ChevroletNovaT-56LS7@jacobsmotorsportsBFGoodrichRival S315 / 335Forgeline, BFGoodrich, Ridetech
CoreyIveyDandridgeTN1969ChevroletC10Bowler Race prepped T56 6 speed6.0 LSCjivey22BFG / FalkenRival/ RT660335/30r18!& 315/30r18Viking Performance, No Limit Engineering, Turn One Motorsports, Level 7 Motorsports, Forgeline
RobBeckAltoonaPA1991PontiacFirebirdT5 g forceTpi 350NittoNt05315
AaronOberleLapeerMI1965ChevroletChevelleBowler T56Mast 416@aaronoberle65BFGRival S315-30/18XS Power, UMI Performance, Michigan Machine Worx
IanStewartOrlandoFL2002ChevyZ06TranzillaLS7MrsidewaysUnknownUnknown315/30 18My wallett
TimMolzenSioux cityIA1963DodgeDartXXXXXX
BrianPeacoeHope MillsNC1968ChevCamaroT-56LS3BFGRival-S315/35/18Viking Performance Inc, I-95 Muscle (, Operational Speed Supply (, Tim Bradham Chassis Works (
BrianConeySouth LebanonOH1969ChevroletCamaroTremec T-56LS3BFGRival S335Speedtech Performance, Forgeline
MikeCunninghamAltoonaPA1980FordFairmontScobee-Built G-Force T5Boss 347BridgestoneRE71R225/50-16
ChristopherJensenPaducahKY1986MazdaRX7T56 magnumL99@safety3rd.racingYokohamaA052315
DonChaffinWalworthNY1967ChevroletCamaro200r4SBCBFGRival315/335 30R18Help from Suspension Geek & Strano Parts
JohnHoganBlytheCA2017ChevroletCorvette Grand SportStock427 LT1YoksA052315/30/18ProPartsUSA, BWP Towing, JDP Motorsports
SamStranoBrookvillePA2004MazdaRX-8G-force2.5 DuratecYokohamaA052315/35-18Strano Performance Parts, Penske Racing Shocks
MikeTrenkleElizabethCO1982FordMustangTKO600363@CarbonWideBodyYokohamaA052315/30/18QA1, Stifflers Suspension and Chassis, Centerforce Clutches,
BradSmithOconomowocWI1997GmcSonomaT56LS7sonoma_smith1FalkenRt660315/30-18Umi Performance, Viking performance
AJKnollmanCINCINNATIOH1998ChevroletCamaroBowler t56 magnum F383 ls1AJ98z28BFGoodrichRival S18x315UMI, Performance electronics, RAFT, Viking, Quartermaster, Summit Racing, Forgeline, autocross Digits, BFG
RobCharneskyWASHINGTONPA1975MGMidgetAutoLs3FalconAzenis Rt660Not sure 205/40r16
MikeCasinoCharlotteNC2002ChevroletCorvette Z06T56LS6-0-0315/30R18
TomO'GormanChicagoIL2020AcuraNSXAuto3.5l V6tomoracingFalkenRT660315Acura Motorsports / Honda Racing/HPD
EricFlemingDOUGLASVILLEGA1971ChevroletCorvetteSilverSport T56LT4, Ridetech, Silver Sport Transmissions, Custom Image Corvettes, My Wife
JustinPeacheyManheimPA2007ChevroletCorvetteT56Ls7Justpeachey1BfGoodrichRival S 1.5335/30/18Stranoparts, Borg Motorsports, PDF Automotive
LarryWooSolon1968ChevroletCamaroPower glide327UniroyalTiger paw195Big daddy
JeremySwensonDilworthMN2011ChevroletCorvetteSamsonas7.7L LSjeremy.swensonYokahama?A052315Viking Performance, Comp Cams, F.A.S.T, GSpeed, After Dark Speed, St Paul Speed, Quartermaster
BrianJohnsMiltonTN1993MazdaRX-7Mazda13B-REWs.brian.johns, carpartmentlifeFalkenAzenis RT-660315/30R18Falken Tire, Wilwood Brakes, Ultimate Performance, Corbeau Seats, Carpertmentlife
JustinNallChippewa FallsWI1966ChevroletChevelle4l80e6.0 LS TurboVectorforceindustries?????????UMI Performance, Viking Performance, Fast Freddies Rod Shop, Vector Force Industries, Rocket Racing Wheels,, Quick Performance, MillerbuiltUSA
NickWeberHamiltonNJ1960ChevyCorvetteT56Ls7Nweber540BfgRival315/335Bowler, spectre performance
MarshallReinertBethelOH2000ChevyCorvetteMN6LS3Synysterc5BfgRival S315/30-18Tri-Star Contractors,Raft Motorsports, QuarterMaster, JRI Shocks, Summit Racing, VanSteel Corvettes, Hawk Mororsports, Forgeline
DavidWebbTroutvilleVA1969ChevroletCamaroRTS 6 speedLS7BFGRival S315/335
ShawnKrebsbachFargoND2006MitsubishiLancer Evolution 95sp2.2L 4g63Skrebs86YokohamaA052295Modern automotive performance, RS Motors, Fortune Auto, Professional Awesome Racing, Haltech
TomFarringtonMooresvilleIN1966ChevroletChevelleBowler T56Mast Black Label 416tommycomfortBFGoodrichRival-S275/335UMI Performance!, Baer Brakes, Ace Racing Clutches, Bowler Transmissions, Larue Classics Auto Insurance, BFGoodrich, Viking Performance Shocks
DebFarringtonMooresvilleIN1964ChevroletChevelle 300 wagonBowler T56 MagnumLS3debingtonBFGoodrichRival-S275UMI Performance!, Baer Brakes, Ace Racing Clutches, Bowler Transmissions, Larue Classics Auto Insurance, BFGoodrich
MikeStewartMiddletownPA1999pontiacFormulaT56427YokohamaA052315UMI,Hawks Motorsports,Strano Parts,Thompson Motorsports, PDF Automotive LLC,F- BODY SHOP
J.J.MallrichHighlandIL1999ChevyCamaroT-56LS 6.0 stroked to 404c.i.Mallrich MotorsportsBFGoodrichRival335/30/18Solo Performance Specialties
JoshuaLipmanSyossetNY1998BMWM35 Speed ManualS54YokohamaA052295/30/18AWC Trucking
RyanMathewsMOORESVILLENC1994ChevroletCorvetteZF 6-Speed383 LT1YokohamaA052315After Dark Speed , JRI Shocks
ScottKnickTipp CityOH1965ChevroletCorvetteG-Force 4speedSBC BabyscottknickTBDTBDTBDVan Steel, American Racing, Centerforce Clutch, Corvette TLC, Hawk Brakes
JasonZapolGaithersburgMD1971ChevroletChevelleT56 Magnum6.0 LS#thatgreeneyedchevelleBfgoodrichRival315/30/18Iron Mike's Garage, Radial Tire, Wilwood Brakes, Fitech, Rocket Racing Wheels, Strano Performance, RKT Performance
JBGrangerCummingGA1966ChevroletCorvairMendeola TransmissionLs3Bfg315315BFG
RandyAdkinsPowellTN2016ShelbyGT350TremecVOODOO 5.2Lrandyadkins22BFGRival S 1.5305/30/18DSC/TRACTIVE Suspensions
RodneyProutyLawrenceburgTN1968ChevroletCamaro4L60e6.0 lsBFGRival315-30/18Spectre/K&N, Holley, TCI transmission, Viking Performance
Showtime JBBoyerSpartaNC1992ChevroletCorvetteT56LS7BFGRival335/30r18AfterDark Speed, Vansteel, Forgeline
BryanJohnsonMaywoodMO2013chevroletCamaroBowler TR6060Mast Motorsports LS7bryanjf1TBDTBDTBDDetroit Speed, Mast Motorsports, Forgeline, Bowler Performance, Quartermaster, Morris Engineering, Hawk Performance
NathanJohnsonSeamanOH1968ChevroletCamaroT56Ls3Johnson_nathanBfgRival335Speedtech performance
GarryWalshFranklinTN2004ChevroletCorvette Z06Manual434ci LS3garrywalshtnYokohamaA052315CMP Engines, Viking Suspension, Suspension Geek,
EricPeacheyManheimPA2008DodgeViper6sp tremec8.4 v10e_93peacheyYokahmaAo52295&315/18Havik performance, stranoparts
BrianDixonPaducahKY2000Pontiac/SLPFirehawkT56LS3Irishracer73YokohamaAO52315/30/, (and not really sponsors, but still deserve shout outs- Tweak'n Performance, Silent Brigade Distillery, Turn One Steering, Strano Performance, and of course UMI Performance)
TaraJohnsMiltonTN1989ChevroletCamaroTremec T566.2 Liter LScarpartmentlife and tnracegirlFalkenAzenis RT-660315/30/18UMI Performance, Viking Shocks, American Powertrain, Hawks Motorsports, Corbeau Seats, Wilwood Brakes, Falken Tires, Carpartment Life
JoelVoigtCHEEKTOWAGANY2015ChevroletCamaro Z28TREMECLS7FalkenRT660315/30/19Frumusa Performance
PaulCurleyXeniaOH2000ChevroletCorvetteT56418 LS3Pjcurley45YokohamaAo52295/315Viking, Trackspec, Hawk, QuarterMaster, Proxses Tuning, Viper Wall Systems, CMP Engines
CharlesDavisRockwallTX1973ChevroletCamaroT56417 LSFalkenRt660315/30/18UMI Performance, Rocket Racing Wheels, Falken tires, McLeod, Willwood
DougRowsePhoenixAZ2017ChevyCorvetteTremecLT4TBDTBDTBDBWP Towing, Evolution Autocross Schools,
BobBertelsenColumbianaOH1968ChevyCorvetteTremec T56LS7BFGRival315 & 335Detroit Speed, BFG, Baer Brakes, Forgeline, Bowler Transmissions, Scoggin Dickey Race Shop, Ace Clutch, BASF,
KenEdwardsNorthportNY1966FordMustangTko 5 speed364 fordBfgBBBfgRival s315
JoeGregoryLondonKY1964ChevyCorvettePPG SEQUENCELs7BfgRival315/335London auto sales finch Performace Baer brakes forgeline turn one
GeraldGregoryLondonKY2019ChevyCorvette Z06AutoLt4BfgRival315/335London auto sales forgeline finch performance
CharlesTrimbleRed LionPA1978ChevroletMalibuTremec TKXL76FalkenRT660275/35r18UMI Performance, Bowler Transmissions,,
GeoffreyWolpertMount JoyPA2007ChevroletCorvette Z06StockStockKumhoEcsta V720 ACR355 30 19, 295 25 19None
DanBallardCincinnatiOH1972ChevyNovaTremec T56Lil Lingenfelter built LSBFGoodrichRival SBigLingenfelter Performance Engineering, Ridetech, Baer Brakes, Forgelines Wheels, Powermaster, Boostane,
SteveEichRaymondOH2000ChevyS10T56LS2/LS3@eichstevenYokohamaA052315/30/18UMI Performance, HPTuners, Moser Engineering
JeffClearyAmeliaVA1970ChevroletCamaro SS/RST56 MagnumLS 427BFGRival275/315DSE, Gear FX, Forgeline, BAER
DevonWhitmanMondoviWI2001CheNovaT56LS1[email protected]Falken660315UMI, Whitman’s Auto Body, Vector Force Industries
EthanNeathConcordGA1999ChevroletCamaroT56LS1Ls1_EthanolBfgoodrichRival S315/30/18Hard Head Performance, Advanced Power Equipment, UMI Performance
ChrisKingLAKEVILLEMN2002ChevroletMiataTremecLS7cjkingvikingYokohamaAdvan A052315/335Viking Performance, Forgeline, Pro-System / Alcon Brakes, Quartermaster
BrendanKingLakevilleMN1969ChevCorvetteSamsonasLT5YokohamaAdvan A052315/315Viking Performance, Forgeline, Prosystem / Alcon Brakes, Quartermaster, Dakota Digital, GForce Performance Engineering, Borla Exhaust, Samsonas, Speedtech, C&R, ATL, Tilton, Ultimate Headers, Lifeline
AngelaPayneTROUTVILLEVA1987ChevyCamaroTKO 600LS3aracegirl8BFRival s315RideTech, Smittys Custom, Big Lick Rod & Custom, Alfred Hamblin, S.E.C AutoX
RonScottTroutvilleVA1963ChevyMonte Carlo SS6SD SequentialLS7bf goodrichRival S335 30 18Smitty's Custom, RideTech
Tim EStrangeNewportTN1968ChevroletCorvetteMagnum T56LS3tstrange13BFGoodrichRival s315-335 18Strange's Custom Auto Inc.
ScottBowerschesterPA1984FordCamaroT56Coyote 5.0BridgestonePotenza RE71275-35-18UMI, Ron Francis Wiring, Turn One Steering, TorqStorm, Evolution Performance
JamesBishirPeruIN2017ChevMustang SVOTR60606.2 LT1FalkenRT660305/30/19My Own Wallet Racing
EricHartmanPetersburgWV1969chevroletCamaro SS1LET56LS1YokohamaAdvan A052265/35R18
JeffScott IIGoodeVA1987BuickCamaroGM 200R4V6 turboBF GoodrichRival S275 35 18SEC AutoX
MCGallagherKankakeeIL2016FordGrand NationalOEM/Jacks2.3 EcoboostTBDTBD315
MikeGoodmanNottinghamPA1981chevroletFocus RST-56350 SBC@conekiller81TBDTBD275-35R18Pro-Touring, Pypes Performance Exhaust, Jones Racing Products
BrianPetersLitchfield ParkAZ2017ChevroletCamaroOEJDP 427 LT1Eunos2TBDTBDTBDProPartsUSA, Evolution Performance Driving School, JDP Motorsports
MillsRobinsonVIRGINIA BEACHNV1967CCorvette Grand SportNASCAR 4 speed404 hybrid LS@beachcruiserracingBFGRival315 squareQA1, Powerstop, Improved Racing, Rent a Lift VA, Waddill and Co, Back Bay Brewing
Autocross JohnNemastilSevilleOH2011FordCamaro6 SPDCoyote V8coyoteautoxingYokohamaA052285 squareRJ’s Auto Pros, CRT Performance, Wingman Garage
RonSchwarzPylesvilleMD1966FordMustang3 on the tree6 Cylbfgrival335-30-18
BrianCoylerLititzPA1971ChevroletMustang5 speed377 cichelkaminoYokohamaAdvan052295/30/18 - 315/30/18UMI Performance Viking Shocks Black Widow Exhaust Powerstop Brakes
BrianFinchHermitageTN1971ChevChevelleMan styleYesFastfinchNot KhumoSee aboveBigAll
ChristopherWheatcraftHopkinsvilleKY2008ChevroletCorvetteTR60607.0 427cw_motorsports_BFGRival315/30/18Viking Performance, Apex Race Wheels, LG Motorsports, Stop Tech Brakes, West Coast Cylinder Heads, Carrivago Race Seats, UMI, Vansteel, Comp Cams, Race Quip,
ChrisPaveglioState CollegePA2008SaturnSkyM52.0TchrispaveglioBFGoodrichrival315
SeanJamesHillsboroMO1969PontiacFirebirdT56408 LSjimmysea69BFGRival S 1.5275/335CMP, LandSpeed Development, Suspension Geek
JamieElliottWaltonKY2002CorvetteZ06RpmBESYokohamaAo52315sJames Elliott roofing,RPM, Qa1,Fluidyne,quarter master,dewitts
RickHobackNorth LawrenceOH1970Subaru360 Micro VanSequential1300 cc Suzuki Turbo Hayabusa@rickhobackBFGRival245/40/15Summit Racing, Wilwood, Maxima Race Oil, K&N, Ultimate Performance, Garrett Advancing Motion, Quick Trick Alignment Tools, Evolution Product & Design, Evolution Transport, Back Street Performance, Siciliano Chassis and Machine, Orr's Performance, Granite Creek Cabinetry, Katchakid, ZVN Properties Inc, ZVN Landscapes
BrandonRanvekRosemountMN2006MitsubishiEvo IX RSModified StockRS built Stroker@brandonranvekYokohamaACR295RS Motors, ASM
RonnieSolimanLakevilleMN2006MitsubishiEvo IX5 speed2EVOIXRSAO52Yokohama285/35/18RS Motors, ASM,
RandallFarlessManchesterTN1996Nissan240sx4l80e418BridgestoneRe71r265/275 18
AndySmedegardPlover WIWI2006HondaS2000DCTK seriesDIZMMna/n/a285RS Motors / ASMotorsports
JohnVitamvasGlenwoodMD2005MazdaRX-8GForceDuratec 2.5L@rjv.climbYokohamaA052315/30/18PFTuning, Stranoparts, Burntwoods Beer Garden
EdwardWallsHarrisburg2009ChevroletHHR SS4T45E2.0T LNF@wallzy41TBD(likely Falken)TBD(likely RT660)255/35/18Fortune Auto, ZZPerformance
AlanSchoonmakerConcordNC1969chevroletCamaroT56LS1 - little baby hpYokohamaA052315/30-18Skoons Hot Rods
AndrewPallottaNashvilleTN2019TeslaModel 3 Performanceyes0.0L@awpallottaFalkenRT660275/35/, Mountain Pass Performance, Laughlin Performance Rentals
RobbyUnseralbuquerque1970chevroletcamarotremecLS7BFGRival335 30 18Speedway Motors
AlexTziortzisPalatineIL2002ChevroletCorvette Z06Stock T565.7L LS6YokohamaA052TBDMy Girls and Karma
SteveAnsteyLindenhurstNY2011SubaruSTiStock SubaruBuilt EJ25vtr turbo steveYokohomaA052295/30/18Vinny Ten Racing, South Bay Fuel Injectors, Feal Suspension, Competiton Clutch, Full Spectrum
JasonBradyHuntingburgIN1970ChevyBlazerRankinLs3K5raceblazerKuhmoAcr295Ridetech,Mac's tie downs
JesseVaughnMarionIL1978ChevyC10Sadev SCL924446cu in LSLevel7MotorsportsFalkenRT660315/30/18No Limit Engineering, Wilwood, Forgeline, Holley, Don Hardy Racecards, Fiber Forged, DCE Motorsport, Viking Shocks
JamesVitalXeniaOH1998NISSASIN240sxCD00xN/A 415ci LS9YokohamaA052315/30/18
BrianMartinlincolnNE1986chevroletcorvetteTremec TKO454 small blockBFGRival335-30-18
KarenLeisingerCHANCELLORSD1970ChevyCamaroGearstarWJ/KJ LSUndeterminedRubberwhat fitsSummit Racing, Lucas Oil, Holley, Gearstar Transmissions, Warren/Kurt Johnson, Wilwood Brakes, Dakota Digital, Forgeline, Magnafuel, Abco Performance, Excessive Autosports, Powermaster, Cale Kern Hot Rods
JaredLeisingerHartfordSD1964ChevyCorvette RoadsterGearstarWJ/KJ LSUndeterminedrubberWhat fitsSummit Racing, Lucas Oil, Gearstar Transmissions, Wilwood Brakes, Holley EFI, Warren/Kurt Johnson, Dakota Digital, Magnafuel, Abco Performance, Excessive Autosports, Power Master
JoshLeisingerSioux FallsSD1964ChevyCorvetteGearstarWJ/KJ LSjosh_leisingerUndeterminedRubberWhat fitsSummit Racing, Lucas Oil, Gearstar Transmissions, Wilwood Brakes, Holley EFI, Warren/Kurt Johnson, Dakota Digital, Magnafuel, Abco Performance, Excessive Autosports, Power Master
ArnieGonzalezHendersonTN1990ChevyC1500T56Ls@protouringtruckshootoutNittoNt05315/35/17OBS Chevy Racing
TerencePrellDaytonOH1999PontiacFirehawkt56LS1t_prellFalkenrt660315/30R18Safety 3rd racing, Woodman Automotive,RAFT, Iron Clad Tint Company, Gem City Garage Door
TimWhalenWilliamsvilleNY2016FordFocus RSGetragEcoBeastsoranezumi_YokohamaA052295/30R18
JeffGordonWashingtonPA2007chevroletConebaltManuėl2.0 L superchargedConebaltFalken660255/35-18ZZPerfornance, Velocity Aerowerks, Misfit Autowerks
NathanPoppCincinnatiOH1995ChevroletCamaroT56Lingenfelter LS7BfgoodrichRival s 1.5315Lingenfelter performance engineering, UMI Performance, Hawk performance brakes, JRI, Raymond’s performance, FORGELINE, BFGOODRICH, HYPERCO, quartermaster, summit racing equipment, Comp cams
BobArmstrongMonroeOH1991ChevroletCorvetteZF 6spdDart SBC 406YokohamaAo52315/30-18ART
DerekKieferMantorvilleMN1969chevroletChevelleT56383" LS1YokohamaA052295/35/18Vector Force Industries, Centerforce Clutch
ChrisSmithTiffinOH1970ChevyCamaroT56Ls7@smittyscustomautoBfgRival315n335Speedtech Performance FORGELINE American Powertrain BFGoodrich Tires Holley Summit Racing Equipment Scoggin Dickey Parts Center Motion Control Suspension Wilwood Disc Brakes GearFX Driveline Nine Lives Racing Flaming River Industries Ultimate Headers Vintage Air, Inc.
JasonSmithTiffinOH1987ChevyCamaroT56Ls3BfgRival315Speedtech Performance FORGELINE American Powertrain BFGoodrich Tires Holley Summit Racing Equipment Scoggin Dickey Parts Center Motion Control Suspension Wilwood Disc Brakes GearFX Driveline OPTIMA Batteries Flaming River Industries Ultimate Headers Vintage Air, Inc.
JoshJonesClarksvilleTN1986ChevroletCamaroT56383@sneakyspeeder @osspartsBFGRival315/30/18Operational Speed Supply
ChristopherHowellGermantownOH2005ChevroletCorvetteT56Proxses Tuning big HP LSYokohamaA052315Proxses Tuning, XClutch, After Dark Speed, APEX Race Parts, Paul Curley Motorsports, Viking Performance
DouglasLutesMount AiryMD1988ChevroletMonte Carlo SST56358 SBCSicMonteFalken615+295/40/18Falken Tires, UMI Performance, Ridetech Suspension, Baer Brakes, Holley EFI, OG Racing, Classis Dash, RKT Performance

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      DriverCarCar #Friday
    Speed [mph]
    Saturday Speed [mph]Overall
    Speed [mph]
    1Jeremy Swenson2011 Chevrolet Corvette367.51000000000000574.109999999999999141.62
    2Justin Peachey2007 Chevrolet Corvette14566.20000000000000374.790000000000006140.97999999999999
    3Danny Popp2003 Chevrolet Corvette1065.14000000000000175.200000000000003140.34
    age-808" />age-808" />4Brendan King2002 Chevrolet Corvette2264.12000000000000574.519999999999996138.63999999999999
    5Brandon Ranvek2006 Mitsubishi Evo7462.27000000000000375.760000000000005138.02000000000001
    age-808" />age-808" />6Robby Unser1967 Chevrolet Camaro464.62999999999999573.310000000000002137.94
    age-808" />age-808" />7Eric Fleming2016 Chevrolet Corvette3362.74000000000000274.609999999999999137.34999999999999
    age-808" />age-808" />8Joe Gregory2007 Chevrolet Corvette161.4375.620000000000005137.03999999999999
    9Brian Peters2017 Chevrolet Corvette15161.79999999999999774.25136.03999999999999
    10Danny Kao2016 Nissan GT-R5463.4371.269999999999996134.69999999999999
    11Paul Curley2008 Chevrolet Corvette4560.88000000000000372.920000000000002133.80000000000001
    age-808" />age-808" />12John Hogan2017 Chevrolet Corvette1561.3272.280000000000001133.59999999999999
    age-808" />age-808" />13Jason Brady1970 Chevrolet K5 Blazer4463.03000000000000170.170000000000002133.19999999999999
    age-808" />age-808" />14Jeremy McCauley1993 Mazda Miata11562.84000000000000370.170000000000002133.00999999999999
    15Sam Strano2018 Chevrolet Corvette14160.96999999999999971.769999999999996132.74000000000001
    16John Laughlin2019 Tesla Model 315761.89000000000000170.530000000000001132.41999999999999
    age-808" />age-808" />17Aaron Oberle1965 Chevrolet Chevelle6562.17000000000000270.170000000000002132.34
    age-808" />age-808" />18Pat Duncan1988 Chevrolet Carmaro16663.03999999999999969.099999999999994132.13999999999999
    age-808" />age-808" />19Chris Jacobs2001 Chevrolet Corvette42760.78999999999999971.019999999999996131.81
    20Steve Eich2013 Chevy Camaro1460.70000000000000370.409999999999997131.11000000000001
    21Tyler Hawkins2000 Pontiac Trans Am2161.70000000000000369.340000000000003131.03999999999999
    22Rob MacGregor1968 Chevrolet C10559.54999999999999771.019999999999996130.56999999999999
    23Brian Finch2001 Chevrolet Corvette5059.36999999999999771.019999999999996130.40000000000001
    24Mike Stewart1999 Pontiac Formula11461.52000000000000368.75130.27000000000001
    25Jacob Glover2002 Chevrolet Camaro960.52000000000000369.459999999999994129.97
    26Jeff Cleary1970 Chevrolet Nova860.78999999999999969.099999999999994129.88999999999999
    27Tom Farrington1966 Chevrolet Chevelle7161.09000000000000368.519999999999996129.61000000000001
    28Billy Utley1972 Chevrolet Nova21260.0769.459999999999994129.53
    29Ryan Mathews1969 Chevrolet Camaro12160.34000000000000368.519999999999996128.86000000000001
    30Mills Robinson1967 Chevrolet Camaro8560.4368.409999999999997128.84
    31Bradley Yonkers2002 BMW M322260.0768.519999999999996128.59999999999999
    32Al Noe2004 Chevrolet Corvette6761.70000000000000366.840000000000003128.55000000000001
    33Ryan Finch2002 BMW M31259.54999999999999768.870000000000005128.41999999999999
    34Matthew Braun1970 Chevrolet Chevelle70158.77000000000000369.569999999999993128.34
    35Mary Pozzi1970 Chevrolet Camaro77058.53000000000000169.569999999999993128.09999999999999
    36Tony Grzelakowski1970 Chevrolet Chevelle17060.60999999999999967.400000000000006128
    37Chris King1971 Chevrolet Camaro3459.20000000000000368.299999999999997127.5
    38Dan Ballard1972 Chevrolet Nova7260.2567.060000000000002127.31
    39Travis Hartwell1977 Pontiac Trans Am7760.15999999999999767.060000000000002127.22
    40Justin Nall1966 Chevrolet Chevelle6657.06000000000000269.810000000000002126.87
    41Ron Scott1963 Chevrolet Corvette2959.89999999999999966.629999999999995126.52
    42Brent Pursifull1971 Pontiac Firebird50259.28999999999999967.170000000000002126.45999999999999
    43JB Granger1966 Chevrolet Corvair69659.36999999999999766.950000000000003126.33
    44Marshall Reinert2000 Chevrolet Corvette757.61999999999999767.840000000000003125.45999999999999
    45Tim Strange1968 Chevrolet Camaro1358.10999999999999966.090000000000003124.2
    46John Lyons1968 Buick Riviera5005865.980000000000004123.98
    47Adam Ulrich2001 Chevrolet Corvette4058.28000000000000165.560000000000002123.83
    48Ken Edwards1966 Ford Mustang9859.03000000000000164.530000000000001123.56
    49Mark Golovin2001 Chevrolet Camaro70057.29999999999999766.090000000000003123.38
    50Tavis Spencer1967 Chevrolet Camaro7657.31000000000000265.450000000000003122.77
    51Scott Knick2002 Chevrolet Corvette32757.29999999999999765.25122.54000000000001
    52Valerie Pichette1972 Pontiac LeMans96959.54999999999999762.939999999999998122.48
    53Mike Goodman1981 Chevrolet Camaro8157.29999999999999764.219999999999999121.52
    54Geoffrey Wolpert1981 Chevrolet Camaro18157.21999999999999963.920000000000002121.14
    55Angela Payne1987 Chevrolet Monte Carlo8753.96999999999999966.519999999999996120.48999999999999
    56Brian Coyle1971 Chevrolet Chevelle33357.70000000000000361.799999999999997119.48999999999999
    57Eric Hartman1969 Chevrolet Camaro51356.4362.840000000000003119.27
    58Gerald Gregory2017 Chevrolet Corvette6957.78000000000000160.880000000000003118.66
    59Lynda Jacobs1966 Chevrolet Chevelle657.21999999999999961.329999999999998118.55
    60Deb Farrington1964 Chevrolet Chevelle8854.84000000000000363.030000000000001117.87
    61Nick Weber1960 Chevrolet Corvette6057.78000000000000159.810000000000002117.59
    62Chuck Trimble1978 Chevrolet Malibu7853.8262.939999999999998116.76000000000001
    63Rick Hoback1970 Subura custom66054.64000000000000159.719999999999999114.36
    64Cory Carstensen1988 Chevrolet Monte Carlo88054.84000000000000358.859999999999999113.7
    65Mark Greenisen1974 AMC Gremlin36053.40999999999999759.369999999999997112.78
    66Ryan Harris1992 Chevrolet Camaro91152.82999999999999858.609999999999999111.44
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