TeamCross Event Rules

Team Rules

  • Teams of 4-drivers- you choose your teammates
  • We encourage signing up even if you don’t have a particular team in mind. You can search for teammates on the Facebook page, or we can assign a team to you.
    • Teams will consist of two Super Late/Late and two Mid/Vintage
      • Example: Two Super Late and Two Vintage
      • Example: One Super and One Late, One Mid and one Vintage
    • Co-drivers permitted which would mean just one car of that class
      • Two drivers in a C5, Two drivers in a Chevelle
    • Teams may park together for team bonding but not mandatory
    • We encourage team names, banners, t-shirts and pre-race team spirit
    • Teams as they are named and populated will be listed on the event page as well as the TeamCross Facebook page
  • The fastest time of each of the four drivers will be averaged to determine that teams final qualifying time
    • If mechanical failure sidelines a car, that driver can move to a team car with UMI approval. Please don’t “accidentally” break your really slow car to move to your buddy’s C5. This topic is a work in progress and may be adjusted as we work on this event. The event will work the best if everyone follows the spirit of the rules.
    • The winning team will be invited to KOTM 3.0
    • If the winning team has KOTM invitees we will move to the next place team and then rank by fastest time until we fill all four spots
  • Last minute fill-ins may disrupt classing
    • We encourage you to draft teammates to fill classes
    • We reserve the right to assign drivers to teams of our choice
    • We will do our best to level load teams
    • UMI management decision is final
  • Exclusive sneak preview of KOTM course
  • Cash prizes to top three teams (money split between teammates)
    • First Place $3000
    • Second Place $2000
    • Third Place $1000
  • Drive within your skill level as there are obstacles, curbs and banking at UMI Motorsports Park

General Rules

  • If you are unsure if your car is legal, please contact us for approval.
  • 2 second default cone penalty.
  • Any fuel, aero or power adders permitted.
  • Please do not approach the timing trailer. The timing team receives information from the track workers. Contact the pit steward with any competition questions.
  • In all cases the UMI race director’s decision is final.
  • No vehicle weight limit for Autocross Challenge. If you qualify for KOTM your vehicle will need to follow the KOTM weight limit of 2900lbs. with driver.

Tire Rules

  • 200TW as per SCCA® National Solo® Rules 2020 Sec 13.3 or with 2021 updates.
  • Fender cutting, flaring and non-standard wheel sizes are allowed.
  • Tires are permitted to be changed at any time. Multiple sets permitted.
  • No active, powered tire warmers.
  • 2021 Update : The Kumho ECSTA V720 ACR is no longer permitted.


  • Helmets required as per SCCA 4.3.1 anytime a car is on track.
    • Snell ratings: SA2015, SAH2015, SA2010, SAH2010, SA2005, M2015, M2010, M2005
    • SFI ratings 31.1, 31.1A, 3.12, 31.2A, 31.1 2005, 41.1, 41.1A, 41.2, 41.2A, 41.2  2005, 24.1
    • FIA Ratings:  8860-2010, 8860-2015
    • ECE R22.05
    • BS6658-85 Type A/FR, BS6658-85 Type A
  • Five point harness and racing seats recommended.
  • On board fire extinguisher recommended.
  • Typical autocross safety rules should be followed such as secure lug nuts, secure battery, no loose objects in the driver’s compartment.


UMI management reserves the right to adjust classing at any time up until the start of the event

Vintage Class Split
  • 1972 & older 

  • Includes C1, C2, and C3 Corvette

  • Includes applicable trucks
  • 1973-1987 models 

  • Includes C4 Corvette

  • Includes 2nd & 3rd Generation Camaro
  • Includes Fox Body Mustang
  • Includes applicable trucks
Late Model Class Split
  • 1988 & up vehicles

  • Includes applicable trucks
  • All C5-C8 Corvette, AWD, Dodge Viper, and rear-mid engine cars


1st Place


2nd Place


3rd Place